Infosys enables E.ON’s strategic digital transformations using intelligent quality engineering

E.ON is one of the largest utility service providers in the United Kingdom (UK). E.ON believes in leading the change that will rapidly transform the future of the energy industry. Infosys is E.ON UK’s strategic quality assurance partner since 2018, providing end-to-end testing services for application development and maintenance. Recently, Infosys helped E.ON set up a dedicated and metrics-driven testing function.

Cloud migration tools and solutions, part of Infosys Cobalt, have enabled E.ON to raise the bar to improve test capabilities, testing culture, and the quality of outcomes. Infosys brought thought leadership on quality assurance in portfolios, programs, and projects, along with proven test strategies and automation. Two key strategic projects that E.ON and Infosys are working on together are the SMART metering and E.ON Next (Kraken) migration programs.

In this video, Tim Cope, Strategic portfolio lead, Digital technology function, E.ON, speaks about the E.ON-Infosys partnership, benefits of intelligent quality engineering for strategic digital transformation programs, and how the recent engagement with Infosys on quality assurance has proven invaluable with high quality outcomes.