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Go mobile, don't let the competition "eat your lunch"

Enterprise mobility adoption is inevitable. It is challenging and exciting. Those who venture wisely will reap great business rewards.

Mobility is increasingly becoming an enterprise requirement. Over the last few years, mobile devices have brought the world closer to us. Your office is now wherever you are. For enterprises, this means greater productivity and efficiency and reduced costs.

The all-pervasive mobile device and its technology is putting the power into the hands of the user, molding a new business landscape where the ‘User is King'. To understand just how sizeable this trend is, consider that the worldwide mobile worker population is set to increase to 1.3 billion by 2015, accounting for nearly 37.2% percent of the workforce, according to IDC (5 January, 2012). A recent study by Mashable (July 12) shows that 75 percent of the global population uses mobile devices.

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Arleen Abarquez

Arleen Abarquez, Global Marketing Lead, Enterprise Mobility unit, Infosys

Arleen has two decades of extensive experience working with IT companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to global services giants. During this time she has excelled in multiple roles like product management, program management, and marketing among others.

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