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Business context

As next-generation mobile devices hit markets, more and more companies today are deploying mobile applications that appear like random acts. CIOs and CMOs have begun to define what mobile means for their brands and how they can improve operations using mobile devices. They must learn to use mobility as an opportunity to raise the bar on branding and achieve higher productivity using three key characteristics that mobility enables:

  • Instant access
  • Personal use
  • Contextual use


While mobile technologies offer a world of opportunities to enterprises, it is not easy measuring and choosing between multiple competing technologies. Companies require third-party help to select, plan and deploy mobile road map for their organization, while considering factors like existing IT infrastructure spend.

Infosys approach

It is imperative to evolve a holistic mobile strategy from the ground up to be successful in this space. With our deep knowledge and experience in this field, we help answer some significant questions such as:

  • Landscape
    • What are your competitors doing in this space?
    • How is mobility connected to other channels such as the Web?
    • How can consumers and employees be bought together through a common approach in mobility?
  • Planning for adaption
    • How do I build an organization-wide strategy on mobility, which will connect all the stakeholders and deliver maximum benefit?
    • How do I streamline my core and auxiliary business processes to compliment this change?
    • What factors must I consider to prioritize my investments?
  • Technology considerations
    • Which is better: mobile Web or native app?
    • Which are the best devices and platforms?
    • Which are the right mobile delivery channels, mobility platforms and middleware? How can end-to-end security be achieved?
    • How can consistency of user experience across platforms, geographies and carriers be achieved?


Infosys technology expertise combined with our rich consulting experience delivers comprehensive business solutions. We have helped several of our clients set up Mobility Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in their organizations, which define mobility strategy by focusing on:

  • Analysis of current initiatives
  • Identification of potential opportunities
  • Business case and return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Architecture blueprint
  • Technology road map
  • Vendor analysis
  • Governance, policies and security

Infosys advantage

Backed by over 15 years of experience, Infosys Mobility Consulting Practice can help prepare your organization for rapid rollout of mobility initiatives. Our consulting practice will ensure that:

  • Your organization chooses the best technologies
  • Disruption to existing infrastructure is minimal
  • You get maximum value for your mobility spend

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