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Envisioning and Advisory Services

Imagine and realize the next-generation mobile enterprise with envisioning and advisory services from Infosys

Today, most companies have implemented one or more mobility solutions for their enterprise. Yet, the capabilities of latest devices far exceed the basic potential that were used as a benchmark for use cases, especially in the enterprise context. The reason for this discrepancy is that majority of enterprises do not have a concrete mobility strategy. Most of them have adopted an ad-hoc approach to mobility, geared at solving an individual problem rather than taking a holistic approach.

To leverage the power of mobile devices and enhance their organizational effectiveness and efficiency, companies need to adopt a comprehensive outlook to mobility. Infosys envisioning and advisory services for mobility helps companies strategize, design, plan, and harness the disruptive potential offered by mobile devices to make a positive impact to their enterprises.

Our offerings

Infosys offers comprehensive envisioning and advisory services tailored for enterprises across various industries. Some of the services offered are:

  • Mobile strategy for the enterprise
    • Define the landscape for mobile implementation (business functions, processes, users, and other stakeholders)
    • Prioritize investments in mobility to achieve best ROI
    • Build an implementation roadmap for mobility
    • Define governance mechanism for mobility projects
  • Mobile technology strategy
    • Choose the right platform, middleware and technology
    • Devise a security strategy
    • Design an enterprise-wide architecture blueprint
    • Define user experience (UX) design strategy
    • Perform vendor analysis
  • Redesigning business processes around mobile
    • Redesign business processes through contextual services from mobile
    • Create new services and offerings around mobile devices

The Infosys advantage

Infosys Enterprise Mobility practice has over 15 years of experience working on mobile technologies, and world-class expertise in business and technology consulting. Infosys helps clients to:

  • Demystify the phenomenon of mobility
  • Get the best ROI of their mobile investments
  • Choose the right technologies suited for their organization
  • Future-proof strategies for implementing mobility in the organization

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