Service Offerings

Maintenance and support

Offering overview

Infosys provides maintenance and support services to clients, helping them manage products throughout their life cycle.

Mobility products and services include:

  • Support through deployment in the form of engineering change management
  • Technical documentation, training and managing after-sales maintenance, and bug-fixes
  • The services are comprehensive, including training, deployment and monitoring at three levels:
    • L1 – Call Center
    • L2 – Technical support
    • L3 – Support services

Benefits realized include timely, ongoing support which is crucial to the success of any project, as well as access to reliable technical support. We guarantee swift response to your issues through support facilities comprising:

  • Global support center
  • Regional support centers
  • On-site support
Infosys advantage

Infosys Mobility Practice can help you cut down on the maintenance costs of mobility implementation while increasing the support coverage. Our 24/7 support services ensure that we meet the most stringent SLAs.

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