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Industry context

Mobile strategy has the potential to affect competitive advantage, customer experience, operational efficiency, and profitability in the banking and financial services sector.

Consider these statistics:

  • About 20% of Internet traffic comes from mobile banking.
  • Mobile applications influenced up to 8% increase in customer retention in six months.
  • Companies migrating to mobile solutions experienced accelerated cost savings to the tune of 51%.


For both financial organizations and customers, mobility solutions pose a variety of questions and challenges: how can mobile technologies be used to increase employee productivity and enhance customer satisfaction? Which technologies must they invest in? What should their mobility rollout comprise? What would their road map be over a given period? How can security concerns be addressed?

Infosys mobility offerings for banking and financial services industry

Infosys provides a diverse portfolio of service offerings. Our proprietary tools help clients realize their business needs at every stage of the application life cycle.


Infosys Consulting offerings help clients assess their organization's readiness in rolling out mobility technologies and plan for technology rollouts.

Our consulting service offerings include:

  • Business value articulation
  • Landscape analysis
  • Infrastructure-readiness assessment
  • Road map design
  • Product evaluation and vendor analysis
  • Proof-of-concept development

Applications development
Infosys enables banking companies to develop applications for various platforms such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and HTML5. We also have SMEs who can develop applications on various third-party mobility frameworks such as Antenna, Sybase, and Mobile-Distillery.

In addition to the typical online validation offerings for functional testing and performance testing, mobile validation includes niche offerings such as user experience testing, device diversity testing, network diversity testing and iPhone pre-certification testing.

User experience design
User experience is an important aspect of mobile applications, especially when it pertains to end users. Having realized its significance, Infosys has created a specialized team within the existing larger creative group for mobile applications. The team helps in both designing rich mobile applications and in creating requisite graphics for mobile performance.

Infosys mTrade

An order-capture application, Infosys mTrade can be integrated with any core brokerage at the back end through a standards-based interface. mTrade helps CIOs make the right technology investments to make organizations mobile-enabled, and properly roll out new technologies.

Infosys advantage

With end-to-end offerings in mobility, Infosys can help your bank leverage the power of mobility to make available data on the move securely. In today’s highly competitive environment, our offerings have proven to increase customer satisfaction levels and increase the ability to cross-sell services to a customer.

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