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Infosys Mobile Brochure solution

Companies today face the challenge of providing relevant product- and promotion-related information to their customers. Additionally, customers find it difficult to sift through multiple product guides to pick the right product / promotional item. The increase in the adoption of iPads and Android tablets provides an effective channel to reach out to customers in an effective manner.

Solution snapshot

Infosys Mobile Brochure solution is an efficient way of delivering the latest brochures and promotions to your customers. The solution is built to support a variety of customer platforms and provide a rich user experience. Some features of the solution include:

  • Automated tool for a high-quality brochure / manual generation and distribution
  • Targeted promotion tool
  • Provision to embed audio, animation, and video to create an interactive visual experience
  • Tool for personalized catalogs / manuals / brochures based on user preferences
  • Features such as auto expiry and content protection for security / rights management


  • Increased top-line sales and improved bottom line through reduced costs
  • Reduced time to market for new brochures and promotions
  • Improved user experience, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction

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