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Mobility Services for Healthcare

The global healthcare industry is quickly recognizing the benefits of mobility-enabled applications and data. Mobile technologies can help support healthcare providers with data: anytime-anywhere, reducing medication errors by as much as 75%. Mobile technologies can also make a significant difference to other areas within the healthcare sector such as remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, education and awareness, training of healthcare workers, disease management, compliance with taking medications, locating a pharmacy / hospital, or availability of health records and medical tourism.


Burgeoning healthcare costs add to the increasing challenge of improving patient care at a lower cost. The plethora of technologies already used in existing healthcare IT infrastructure are often poorly integrated. The need for mobile self-service applications for users is growing, especially in mature markets where infrastructure is stretched at the seams.


Research and Development (R&D) services
Infosys offers the following services specifically for medical devices companies:

  • R&D services covering end-to-end communication design for medical devices (using GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth, WLAN, IP-based Cradle, RS232, USB) covering gateway design
  • Integration and interoperability with personal health records / electronic health records (PHRs / EHRs) – including Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health
  • Platforms and solutions for mobilization of digital media, virtual pharmacy, healthcare management, field force management, etc.

Infosys also works with healthcare and medical device companies across the world to help them leverage mobile technologies and provide better quality healthcare.

Patient care improvement applications
Applications and services aimed at providing easy and better access to clinical information about a patient.

Examples of projects:

  • Wireless enablement of medical devices for hospital and home use
  • Design of gateway for remote data collection
  • Interfacing of medical devices with PC / laptop, mobile device, and gateway
  • Mobile and PC applications for real-time patient monitoring
  • Mobile and PC applications for interoperability of medical devices
  • Secure transmission of data to back-end systems through various communication mechanisms
  • Back-end applications for storing collected data and providing reports based on the data for compliance, functioning of devices and raising alarms depending on the condition of patient or device

Disease management and wellness programs
Consumer-centric applications aimed at providing patients and consumers dynamic and ready information on their mobile phones about any medical condition. This can improve the compliance with medication, exercise and fitness plans, and lifestyle changes.


  • Mobile applications to present the user with surveys for evaluating their current health status and identifying different health risk factors, based on identifying behaviors and creating an appropriate well-being plan
  • Mobile applications for patients to receive alerts / reminders via their cell phones to take medications, test blood glucose levels / blood pressure, go for walks, etc.
  • Automatic upload of test records from home monitoring devices (such as glucometer, BP meter, weighing scale, etc.) to track trends
  • Mobile and PC applications to help patients track their health data using different trackers, e.g., nutrition tracker, weight tracker, etc.
  • Mobile and PC applications to present the user with relevant videos and articles for their area of interest in health improvement
  • Mobile and PC applications for live chat with coaches and physicians

Field force management solutions
Solutions to enable field force of medical device companies to secure data instantly to better serve physician and customer needs.

  • Mobile-enabled field sales personnel provide ready-made answers to customers
  • Physician training applications

The Infosys advantage

With vast experience in the medical devices and life sciences industries, Infosys is well positioned to help companies take advantage of the opportunities made available by mobile technologies.

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