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Mobile POS Solutions

The challenge that most retailers face today is to efficiently service a highly demanding and informed set of customers. Customers today are generally less inclined to wait at checkout counters, resulting in loss of sales. However, the traditional way installing more point of sale (POS) terminals at checkout counters is highly expensive in terms of both hardware as well as space requirements, especially given that customer footfalls in the store are highly variable.

Solution snapshot

Infosys Mobile POS (mPOS) solution (Infosys patent-pending) is a unique mobility solution that extends capabilities of POS terminals to anywhere in the store, along with providing information to store assistants on their fingertips. It enables retailers to open a new channel of service for their customers. The solution diminishes long queues, while providing extended product information to aid selling and enhancing the shopping experience. Infosys Mobile POS solution enables a sales assistant to carry out end-to-end shopping transactions in a retail store using a handheld device. This solution can be used by retailers as a key differentiator in their multichannel retailing strategy.

The solution is configured to work on multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

Deployment scenario

Mobile POS and mPOS software Solutions 

Technical highlights

  • Multi-device platform support
  • Minimal investment on initial infrastructure
  • Leveraging business logic / rules available from existing POS system
  • No separate database required
  • Easily customizable client-side user interface (UI) framework
  • Ready-to-integrate adapters available for leading POS platforms

Business benefits

  • Increased sale per employee by reducing the checkout time
  • Reduction in store space requirements
  • Increased sales through effective cross-selling of relevant products
  • Reduction in lost sales caused by unavailability of relevant information at the store shelf
  • Improved asset utilization