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Retail and consumer packaged goods


  • Rapidly increasing smartphone penetration: Smartphones are growing at twice the speed of the overall mobile phone market. Consumer-centric applications could be used to drive retail sales.
  • New consumer demographics: Next-generation users quickly adopt newer technologies such as e-commerce and e-banking.
  • Emerging markets: Retail growth in the coming decades will be driven by markets such as India and China.
  • ‘Non-smart’ applications: The majority of phones sold in emerging markets can leverage SMS-based applications to provide access to bank accounts or electronic shopping.


Retail and consumer packaged goods businesses must be able to quickly deploy several types of mobility solutions to ride the wave of growth. These include:

  • Consumer-centric apps: Require simple, slick interfaces that are also content-rich.
  • Business-centric apps: Enterprise applications must be mobile-enabled to boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Business-partner-centric apps: Real-time data sharing is imperative for supply chain partners such as distributors and vendors to collaborate more efficiently.


Mobile Application Maintenance in Retail Mobile consulting
  • Analysis of current investments in mobility
  • Identification of potential mobility opportunities (business-to-consumer, business-to-employee)
  • Business case analysis and return on investment (ROI) for key opportunities
  • Architecture blueprint and implementation roadmap
  • Answering queries to help evolve a mobile strategy:

    • Who are my target users? (consumers / employees / businesses)
    • What does the user do with my application?
    • What devices and platforms I should use?
    • How do I streamline my core and auxiliary business processes to compliment this change?
    • What does it cost and how long does it take?
Mobile application maintenance
  • Maintenance and enhancement of mobile applications
  • Remote monitoring and remote asset management services (IT outsourcing)
  • Advisory services to facilitate technology change management
New mobile initiatives

  • Solution definition and vendor selection
  • Mobile application development
  • Systems integration and rollout
Rationalization of existing mobile applications
  • Rationalization of legacy and point solutions within the enterprise
  • Migrating key mobile enablers within the enterprise to a ‘services’-based architecture

The Infosys advantage

With end-to-end offerings in mobility, backed by a strong portfolio of intellectual property (IP), Infosys Mobility services can help telecom companies roll out better value-added services for telecom companies, helping them increase revenue. In addition to that, the field force mobility solutions help increase the bottom line by reducing services costs.

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