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R&D services

Mobile technologies have opened up a world of possibilities for designing and developing new products. Wireless communication is being leveraged to design products, which have extended the range of traditional devices. In addition, custom handheld devices are required for specialized tasks. Companies need partners to ensure that they can design and develop products faster.

Offering overview

At Infosys, we are at the cutting edge of research on mobility technologies that will become part of our future.

The Infosys Research and Development (R&D) team has been working on two types of mobility products for our customers:

  • Mobile network infrastructure products
  • Handheld devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) products

The Infosys approach

The Infosys R&D labs have expertise in a wide range of areas such as network protocol implementation, embedded systems, and device integration. We have undertaken more than 1,000 projects. We have not had a single IP infringement lawsuit in the 30 years since our inception.


Our R&D labs can help you stay ahead of the innovation game by helping you realize the following benefits:

  • Predictability in enhancing time to market
  • Increase profitability by sustaining innovation and reducing the cost of ownership
  • Increase and sustain the ability to innovate rapidly
  • Innovate to create a unique differentiator for products
  • Ensure rapid concept-to-systems development to derive the best benefits
  • Predictability in enhancing product's quality

The Infosys advantage

With over 8,000 engineers, Infosys Engineering Services has considerable expertise in mobile technologies and can provide companies with unmatched support in product research and development (R&D).

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