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Telecom service providers

Industry context

The global mobile subscriber base crossed 4.7 billion in late 2009, but still accounts for only 28% penetration. As matters stand, there is substantial room for growth. Even as European markets near the 100% penetration mark, rural markets in the developing world continue to grow exponentially.


Telecom service providers are constantly under pressure to improve services to entice new subscribers and retain existing subscribers. The average revenue per user (ARPU) for voice is dropping steadily. Telecom providers have already begun to explore mobile data and video services to increase revenues and profitability. 3G and 4G wireless technology rollouts require telecom providers to upscale existing services and introduce new services.

Solutions and offerings

Infosys has several offerings aimed at helping telecom service providers increase operational efficiencies and increase per-user revenue. These include:

Digital VAS (value-added services)

Infosys Digital VAS offerings enable mobile telecom operators to provide improved access to information, knowledge, services and entertainment.

  • On-device portal: Enables service providers to provide a rich single-window experience to consumers to discover and consume digital content related to information, services, news and entertainment.
  • Online developer community support infrastructure: Provides a lab-based ecosystem for on-boarding application developers to validate and certify their applications for service rollout on service provider networks.
Mobile commerce (m-commerce)

Infosys Mobile Commerce offerings enable commercial transactions such as payments, banking, and commerce on mobile phones. They also enable banks, merchants, and commercial entities to tap a larger pool of customers and target segments that have been out of reach until now.

  • mWallet and mBanking platform: Provides a comprehensive platform that enables service providers to offer full-fledged banking and credit services wherein subscribers use mobile phones as wallets for monetary transactions such as payments, deposits, transfers, etc.
Enterprise mobility solutions

Infosys Enterprise Mobility Solution offerings enable enterprises to increase employee efficiency and productivity through mobile-enabled applications that provide on the move, and anytime access to corporate resources.

  • Business application framework: Provides an ecosystem model for developing and deploying enterprise applications on mobile phones. It enables service providers to provide hosted and managed mobility services to enterprises.
  • Microblogging platform: Helps enterprises to take advantage of social networking paradigms to ensure better employee connect and proactively contribute to organizational requirements.
User profiling and recommendation

Infosys user profiling and recommendation offerings enhance business propositions to consumers and enterprises through in-depth analysis of vast amount of user data collected through various transaction channels:

  • Unified user profiling framework: Provides a platform that enables analysis of vast amounts of user data using specialized analytical engines. The outcome is a comprehensive user profile that can be used by personalization, segmentation, and recommendation engines to influence customer behavior.

The Infosys Mobility practice focuses on developing solutions and intellectual property (IP) in the above areas to assist service providers in developing and deploying these service offerings.

The Infosys advantage

With end-to-end offerings in mobility, Infosys can help retailers increase customer engagement by leveraging the power of mobile technologies. Our portfolio of offerings, backed by our intellectual property (IP), can help companies increase revenue by improving customer engagement and logistics.

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