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Transportation and Logistics Mobility Solutions

Industry Context

With the industry recovering from the global downturn, IT infrastructure spending is on the rise. New hubs and spokes are developing putting the industry in a transition warp. Transportation and Logistics companies often need solutions that integrate with existing tools in order to achieve seamless transition. The upgrades are often aimed at providing better customer service. Timelines for roll out are short.


How can companies remain competitive in today's low-carbon world? Transportation and logistics companies need clearer supply chain visibility, efficient fleet utilization and better customer care. They should also be able to access information instantly in real time on the movement of people and goods.

Mobile Technologies

  • Shipment Tracking and Route Planning: Helps to accurately track the status and location of shipments. It also schedules real-time pickup and delivery of merchandise, saving time and improving efficiency
  • Customer Convenience Applications: Helps customers through a variety of convenience applications aimed at improving operations


Infosys offerings for the Transportation and Logistics industry span the following key areas:

Mobile Consulting
  • Analysis of current investments in mobility
  • Identification of potential mobility opportunities in Business-to-Consumer, (B2C) and Business-to-Employee (B2E) segments
  • Business case analysis and Return on Investment (ROI) for key opportunities
  • Architecture blueprint and implementation roadmap
Mobile Shipment/ Asset Tracking
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) based tracking systems
  • Fleet management systems
  • Mobile scheduling systems for delivery/ pickup
Customer Convenience Applications
  • Mobile boarding pass
  • Signature capture applications
  • Barcode scanning applications
Mobile-enabled Operations
  • Airline baggage handling
  • Line busting applications
  • Mobile airport operations
  • Cargo placement applications

Infosys Advantage

With end-to-end offerings in Mobility and backed by several IP, Infosys can help Transportation and Logistics companies increase efficiency of operations over 10%. Our offerings have helped customers increase customer satisfaction, and significantly reduce errors in operation.

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