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Infosys TruSync

Customer care, field force and sales force personnel require on-the-spot access to the latest data. Downtime is not an option. Time lost overcoming technical hurdles in the bid to access information could translate to lost opportunities. Data, regardless of where it is stored or the device being used to access it, should be instantly available to people in need of it.


With data spread across a multitude of databases, platforms and devices, a system that breaks down the boundaries and enables timely access to information is imperative.


  • Infosys TruSync, a smart client data synchronization middleware, enables synchronization of data from disparate database systems found in mobile devices, desktops, and Web services.
  • TruSync acts as a platform for building mobile synchronization-based solutions. By harnessing the power of ‘context,’ it ensures that optimized mobility is realized, and that evaluation of the evolving environment occurs without disrupting end users. 
  • Infosys TruSync client agents are powered by peer-to-peer synchronization technology that enables Infosys TruSync-powered applications to synchronize data among devices without connecting to the enterprise server.
  • TruSync handles the nuances of synchronizing across heterogeneous databases, despite device-related limitations, to ensure smooth data synchronization. It helps obtain and store data on various types of client devices so that users can access relevant data – even in a disconnected mode.
  • Infosys TruSync is highly applicable in industries that require accurate and timely data synchronization. Companies that have a large field force, on-road sales, and customer service are ideally suited to leverage the capabilities of Infosys TruSync.


  • Available in .NET Compact Framework for Windows and Java for micro edition (earlier J2ME) client frameworks for Blackberry, Infosys TruSync offers a single uniform mechanism to access any database server through the Infosys TruSync Server available in .NET 2.0 or higher framework.
  • Infosys TruSync provides easy extensions to support a variety of databases other than those already supported.


  • Complete synchronization of data
  • Auto-detection of network availability
  • Handling of occasional disconnectedness
  • Considerable improvement and savings in time, money, and service — as important functions such as customer care, field force personnel and sales force are in possession of the latest data to act instantly

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