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Mobile-based Baggage Tracking System for a Large US-based Airline

The Client

The client is one of the largest airlines in the United States.

Business Need

The client required an application that would eliminate the need for manual data-entry for baggage movement.


The client managed the entire process of bag-loading and flight-balancing operations manually using paper trip sheets. This resulted in:

  • High percentage of lost bags due to manual errors. In six months, ending June 2009, client paid more than US$ 700,000 for baggage claims
  • Frequent delays in take-off owing to inability to complete baggage-load-balancing activity on time
  • Frequent unavailability of flight-loading details for validation. This resulted in failure to comply with aviation guidelines and imposition of fines by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Our Solution

Infosys introduced Windows Mobile®-based device application, developed as part of a wider airport operations automation program for the client, to automate end-to-end baggage movement within airports. The application eliminated the need for manual reconciliation and automated delivery of real-time flight and baggage data to crew chiefs. The entire work flow of baggage movement, from check-in point to a flight, was automated with rollout of the application.

The application automated the entire process of baggage-loading including:

  • Bag room movement
  • Sorting of baggage
  • Baggage loading into flight containers
  • Flight loading on to tarmac

In addition, the application enabled:

  • Real-time alerts for overloaded containers
  • Made loading data available for audits and validation in real-time
  • Reduced possibility of missed bags and overloaded or unbalanced flights thereby leading to 100% compliance with US federal regulations on data validation
  • Reduced delays in flight takeoffs associated with non-completion of bag-loading and balancing operations on time
  • Helped near-elimination of baggage loss due to errors at loading point, leading to cash savings
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