Success Stories

Network Testing for a Leading CPG Giant

The Client

The client is a Fortune 500 consumer products manufacturer in the US.

Business Need

The company's enterprise mobility application enabled executives to access and download documents on their mobile phones. However, executives faced UI and connectivity-related issues. They wanted to understand the root cause of the problem and sought help from Infosys.


Infosys commenced testing of enterprise mobility application using our proprietary tool Infosys WindTunnel to help identify reason behind application failures.

Usage of Infosys WindTunnel revealed network variability related issues, which were not detected during manual testing process. It also enabled segregation of issues that manifested as network or non-network. UI issues were also identified by varying network conditions which otherwise would have been left undetected.

Further testing revealed that a significant percentage of test cases related to network variability.

Mobility Network Testing

The client used the data provided by Infosys WindTunnel to stabilize and optimize the application. If left undetected, these errors would have manifested during actual implementation resulting in expensive testing, downtime-related issues for applications and poor end-user adoption.

Our Solution

We adopted Infosys mConnect platform as the solution was available on all smartphones such as iPhone®, Blackberry®, Android™, etc., which support GPS facility. As part of the solution, a new feature was added to provide driving directions to an account or policy holder location using the GPS technology. Associates were able to request up to three nearest accounts to a specified location and secure driving directions to one of the accounts.

  • Organization revenue increased due to agent productivity
  • TCO for upgrades and operations were reduced
  • High rate of adoption as mobile solution was similar to a web solution
  • Delivery in three months assured faster time to market
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