Product-Centricity is Key to a Successful Agile & DevOps Implementation and True Business Agility

Surya Duvvuri

By Surya Duvvuri, Vice President, Head of Life Sciences, DACH and Nordics, Infosys

A major differentiator between businesses that do well in difficult times and those that don’t is the cohesiveness of their operations. When different functions within an organization operate as disparate units, the business suffers. With only a fragmented view of the value chain and a maximum focus on project-based outputs, businesses fail to maximize profits.

Post-pandemic, more businesses are willing to revisit their operational models by establishing Agile and DevOps capabilities across the enterprise and not just IT. A strong business-IT alignment builds enterprise-wide agility and long-term resilience. It encourages businesses to think laterally when developing solutions and benefit from greater technology adoption.

Agile and DevOps deliver optimum results when these capabilities are coupled with a product-centric approach to value delivery. The Infosys survey referenced earlier found that globally 74% of the C-suites are prioritizing this approach. Substantiating this outlook, the UK government’s Data and Technology Strategy 2024 also recommends it as a core principle for defining a digital, data, and technology strategy.

Product-centricity is free from the limitations of a cost-and-time-bound approach. It moves away from project-based outputs to business outcomes. Since it is rooted in design thinking and bolstered by advanced technologies, it prioritizes human experience at all touchpoints along the value chain. This mindset shift necessitates greater interoperability and integration of business and IT functions. Consequently, the organization operates with greater cohesiveness, agility, and customer centricity, bringing in faster business value.

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