Generative AI - Balancing Innovation & Accountability

Generative AI has the capability to generate original text, images, code, videos, etc., from pre-existing inputs. However, the rapid development of Generative AI capabilities raises significant ethical and legal concerns.

Prasad Joshi, SVP, Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS), and Faiz Rahman, AVP, Intellectual Property Cell, delve deep into the multifaceted technology of Generative AI, exploring these ever-evolving ethical considerations, legalities, the dynamic nature of its advancements and intriguing prospects for its future development.

"We have to harness this type of technology for evaluation of the society."

"Ethics to be balanced with rules, regulations, compliance and measures."

Prasad Joshi

Prasad Joshi, Head of iCETS

"Education and training process needs to be continuous conveyed to the end user."

Faiz Ur Rahman

Faiz Ur Rahman , Head of IP Cell