Infosys Ambient Intelligence research addresses ambient intelligent ecosystem including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Pervasive Computing and Human-Computer Interface. Infosys provides multiple solutions to help in ideation, incubation and prototyping of ambient intelligent concepts. Infosys also brings its strength in the Infosys Enterprise Ambient Intelligence Framework for orchestrating interplay between various technology components.

How is Infosys delivering value to customers through Ambient technologies?

Infosys has proven expertise in the emerging technologies and built several enterprise level platforms and solutions. Infosys is building enterprise grade ambient intelligence framework designed with AMI core services like analytics, device management, security gateway, application services and user management that helps in building intelligent, embedded, unobtrusive, adaptive, and user friendly solutions.

Challenges & Solutions

Due to perceived difficulty of using technology enabled applications in current form, large part of human population still refrain from using technology. Infosys Enterprise Ambient Intelligent Framework addresses this key challenge by providing natural interfaces to devices and applications hiding complexity from users thereby increasing technology adoption.

Challenges in integrating everyday objects with surrounding environment for performing routine tasks requires extra efforts from user point of view. Infosys Enterprise Ambient Intelligent Framework enables surrounding environment smarter by integrating embedded devices with state-of-the-art cognitive systems reducing overall efforts to perform daily tasks.

Legacy systems developed with individual technology stack creates application silos and do not provide standardized way of service delivery. Infosys Enterprise Ambient Intelligent Framework provides next generation digital service delivery in a centralized and standardized way removing application silos from overall technology offerings.