Data is an all-important commodity today. With the shift toward real-time analytics & insights, it has become imperative to have high quality data always available. However, challenges arise as businesses become more complex, and data becomes distributed and disparate.

How Infosys delivers value to customers by helping them with ever-changing data


Infosys Data Workbench (iDW) is a highly scalable Data Quality Solution coupled with light-weight analytical MDM capabilities. It is a single tool that can perform varied operations on an organization’s data. iDW comes with an AI-powered core that helps perform large-scale data quality operations with just a few clicks. A powerful Apache Spark driven core also helps perform high speed analysis for data at scale. Infosys Data Workbench is designed to be easy to use and can be leveraged to gain insights into data, without the need for deep technical knowledge.


Challenges & Solutions

iDW provides a wide range of interactive and downloadable reporting options. With options for performing one-click profiling using Machine Learning models and complex business rule validation, the tool can save more than 40% effort versus traditional methods.

iDW provides a comprehensive set of features for data cleansing and standardization. Perform activities up to 60% faster by utilizing machine learning with enrichment & outlier detection along with smart watch capabilities for advanced options using clustering & filtering.

iDW provides multiple options like de-duplication, linking, grouping, golden record generation, identity resolution for master data management. A vast array of matching algorithms and machine learning models help ease out the process and help in effort reduction by up to 80%.