Rapid Prototyping Tool (RPT) is an authoring tool to help business analyst/designers/developers build web and mobile prototypes. This prototype allows clients to simulate the real world business experience. It helps to validate business requirements and significantly improves the visualization of the end-product.

How Infosys delivers value to its customers in the area of Rapid Prototyping


The tool provides a ready to use widgets library, a unique snippy feature which allows the customers to extract existing screens/web content and create reusable widgets. It also supports simulation and a responsive UI prototype. The generated code (HTML, CSS and JS) can be leveraged by developers in the development phase.

RPT tool has a Code Generation component which has a repository of templates for Angular 5 CRUD web applications. This will help accelerate Angular 5 application + Spring Boot code generation for a given database schema. The generated code uses Angular CLI, Angular 5 framework, support for Angular material, spring boot and spring security.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Rapid Prototyping tool helps to quickly mock up the future state of the application and provides an early validation and feasibility assessment of UI Design. Changes can be incorporated seamlessly and prototype design can be improved iteratively.

Infosys Rapid Prototyping tool comes up with inbuilt support for Data Simulation. The data model can be associated to the screen and data can be fetched on events in a workflow.

Infosys Rapid Prototyping tool provides design grids where user can drag and drop interactive widgets to create responsive screens. The tool provides inbuilt silhouettes for various devices to visualize screen behavior in different devices.

Infosys Rapid Prototyping tool provides a prototyping editor for designing screen by dropping inbuilt widgets and adding customization using the property editor. HTML code gets generated seamlessy for a designed screen, which can be used in development.

Infosys Rapid Prototyping tool comes up with support for Angular 5 Code generation with Supporting Springboot/Node API generation.

Infosys Rapid Prototyping tool supports bulk creation of new screens from existing screens using Snippy feature. Portions of screens can be saved as reusable widgets, which can be reused in multiple screens.