Infosys On-Time In-Full Solution

One of the major operational challenges for the consumer industry sector is to achieve high ‘On-shelf Availability’, while keeping supply chain costs down and inventories under control. In the effort to optimize their supply chain, the industry focuses on ‘On-Time In-Full’ (OTIF) scores of suppliers. OTIF refers to a supplier’s ability to deliver product within prescribed delivery windows and at full quantities ordered.

With such focus and accompanying hefty penalties imposed by retailers, it has become pertinent for CPG companies to further develop their supply chain capabilities. However, most of the current solutions available to CPG industries are more reactive than proactive giving very low reaction time with limited flexibility. The industry needs a tool for better inventory visibility and predictability for deliveries as well as open sales orders, such that corrective action can be initiated on time.

Infosys OTIF solution leverages Machine Learning to generate insights into historical trends and identify possibilities of quantity deviations (order fulfillment) and schedule deviations (late/early deliveries) well in advance and help identify the root cause of the same to accelerate decisions. The solution brings in tangible benefits that help avoid financial penalties due to missed OTIF score/missed Must Arrive By Date (MABD), as well as improve Cost and Freight (CFR). Using the OTIF score for upcoming weeks, the entire supply chain can be re-vitalized, thereby improving entire order process cycle and profitability.