In Conversation with Syngenta

Organizations across domains face many challenges in their digital transformation journeys to become sentient, ‘live’ enterprises. To become agile and responsive, they must choose the right cloud approach, make appropriate technology investments and keep up with data security.

Hear from Christian Bayer, Global Head of ERP, Data and Analytics Platforms, Syngenta, in this three-episode series of conversations with Dinesh Rao, EVP and Global Head of Enterprise Package Application Services at Infosys. The series covers a wide range of topics from digital farming, the application of Agile and DevOps to the ERP world, and employee wellbeing and training during the COVID-19 pandemic, all of which are built on a cloud-first strategy.

  • Part 1: Syngenta’s Agile/DevOps journey
  • Part 2: Syngenta’s digital revolution in agri-business
  • Part 3: Strategic imperatives implemented by Syngenta during the pandemic