In Conversation With… Syngenta

Enterprises across domain face many challenges as they navigate the path towards being more sentient, ‘live’ enterprises - including choosing the right cloud approach, technology investments to repurpose and keeping up with data security.

Hear from esteemed leaders across different industries and globe as they share their views on the business and technology trends, new possibilities for digitization of businesses, creating competitive advantages and developing brand-new products, services and business models and a sneak peek into their hobbies and interests.

In the first episode in this series, watch Dinesh Rao, EVP and Global Head of Enterprise Package Application Services, Infosys and Christian Bayer, Global Head of ERP, Data and Analytics Platforms, Syngenta as they discuss digital farming, bringing Agile and DevOps to the ERP world and employee wellbeing and training during the COVID-19 pandemic.