Infosys partnership with Celonis will help streamline client's SAP S/4HANA migration– Point of view by HFS Research

In the modern world running on legacy technology simply isn’t viable; demand shifts so fast enterprise must be able to adapt, and this often includes leveraging SaaS platforms, but it’s impossible to do so when shackled by inefficient core infrastructure. This is one of many reasons executive’s gaze is set on ERP modernization, and specifically SAP S/4HANA; but they must understand that it’s not as simple as upgrading the software on an iPhone, the crowded technology landscape of many enterprises means it must begin with a well-thought-out roadmap, involving detailed analysis of the firm’s entire business and its processes. This is where Celonis’ process mining can lend a hand, effortlessly providing the required insight in an instant by integrating with existing ERP systems and monitoring the likes of keystrokes and screen activity, while also leveraging AI to gain insight from business data; giving the enterprise a complete picture.

Infosys wealth of expertise in ERP modernization makes its recently announced partnership with Celonis particularly interesting. Infosys clients will be able to leverage its own experience alongside Celonis process mining expertise, which is tried and tested by the likes of Uber, Vodafone and Siemens, to gained valuable insight into entire enterprise processes, and streamline their migration to SAP S/4HANA as well as increasing the opportunity to leverage SaaS platforms.

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