Supply Chain Perspectives - A Chat with Srinivas Krishnamoorthy and Ramesh Chougule

Well-run supply chains are the lifeline of the manufacturing, consumer goods and retail industries. As a result, enormous thought went towards establishing efficient processes that catered to just-in-time inventory management and positioning in the network. For this to happen, complete trust and collaboration across all the players constituting the supply chain became critical. This was in the pre-COVID era. Since the start of the pandemic two years ago, priorities have shifted to include resilience, sustainability, digitization, and cloud-based planning in response to the market conditions. In addition, organizations are considering vertical integration and multi-sourcing to ensure minimal disruption to their business.

Tune in to listen to this interesting conversation between Infosys executives Ramesh J Chougule, and Srinivas Krishnamoorthy and Tom Raftery as they share insights from the Infosys hosted roundtable on supply chains disruptions.