The client is a leading multinational specialty pharmaceutical company that caters to four brands across pharmaceuticals, eye care, consumer healthcare, and manufacturing and R&D.

The client wanted to validate a global template design for its commercial and manufacturing processes while avoiding multiple parallel rollouts. They chose Infosys as their strategic partner to enable life sciences-based best practices and implement the pre-configured SAP S/4HANA solution, Infosys Catalyst, to enhance the global design processes.

Key Challenges

  • Non-standardized and non-harmonized business process had led to longer planning and ¬†end-closing cycle times
  • Inability to visit warehouses during the pandemic had led to increased complexity in SAP S/4HANA-EWM integration and RF
  • Fragmented accountability and gaps in ownership during integration
  • Delays in design, document approvals, and making key decisions

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The Solution

Infosys simplified, standardized, and transformed business processes by leveraging Infosys Catalyst for SAP S/4HANA, part of Infosys Cobalt. The solution can adapt quickly and efficiently to market changes.

The solution was deployed using the IDEA-Activate methodology and the ‘Why won’t this work’ approach. It addressed custom requirements and localization gaps by limiting these to corporate policy and legal, regulatory, and statutory processes. Infosys delivered a global template for commercial and manufacturing processes and retired the client’s obsolete legacy platforms.

The solution ensured uniform and real-time data availability for informed global business decision-making. Infosys also leveraged Fiori to enhance the user experience across business processes and functions. The intuitive design simplifies task execution across any device including mobiles and tablets.

Simplify, standardize, and automate business processes with SAP S/4HANA

  • Delivered a global template using Infosys Catalyst and incorporated industry best practices
  • Established a digital core using SAP S/4HANA on Azure
  • Leveraged Panaya as the PLM tool during design (Build + UT) phase
  • Leveraged IDEA-Activate along with a client-specified methodology


Reduced hard planning time from over 3 months to less than 4 weeks

Reduced end-closing time by about 40% from 7-10 days to 4-6 days

Achieved complete visibility into product planning and execution from a single system

Reduced go-to-market launch time through a configurable kitting solution

Implemented product configuration functionality to ensure visibility into product attributes that can be used for commercial and supply chain analytics. The reporting functionality is yet to be implemented.

Improved the user experience through Fiori apps