The client is a leading provider of manufacturing solutions. The company delivers comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain, and product management services across various segments such as electronic manufacturing services (EMS), consumer goods, and healthcare.

Key Challenges

The company needed to migrate more than 80 thousand data entities including non-SAP entities and finance data from cost as well as profit centers into the latest validity period. This was extremely challenging due to severe system performance issues and tight deadlines. The key areas of complexity were:

  • Replicated data through service-oriented architecture (SOA) services to commercial S4 system with custom requirements in hierarchy replication
  • Migrated old static workflow with many custom requirements into latest BRF+ workflow technology with dynamic fetching of approvers, which was different for every business process
  • Enabled Fiori for mass processing and consolidation including data quality and management in master data governance (MDG)
  • Stopped the use of existing Winshuttle tool for mass update, started using the Infosys implemented MDG Mass processing
  • Optimized all the cutover activities including ramp-down and ramp-up in the span of one weekend, the timeline approved by the company for business downtime

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The Solution

Standardizing, consolidating, and transforming existing business processes with Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA 2021

Standardization and embedding new MDG features into core existing business processes

Considering the scale and scope of the solution, the Infosys team split the task into the following steps and carried them out successfully:

  • Created and changed profit center and cost center with the ability of hierarchy changes and non-SAP processes, including all the client-specific requirements, driven by complex BRF+ workflows
  • Completed data replication using SOA and Web Services as well as SAP IDoc
  • Conducted data migration to latest validity
  • Created a cutover plan with thorough and detailed work breakdown structure to manage all the tasks
  • Revised custom field notes, since after conversion to S4, some codes – such as address validation done through Match Books (external tool) – were not compatible with the business partner (supplier) solution
  • Enabled Fiori for mass processing in MDG for mass update - this will facilitate the removal of Winshuttle, which is currently being used for mass update
  • Enabled Fiori for consolidation of bulk vendors with the ability of ‘creation in a single upload and extension to company code and purchase organization’
  • Enabled Fiori for data quality and management (DQM) for data query and quality


The standardization and migration completed by the Infosys team resulted in multiple business benefits for the client:

New and enhanced user interface (UI) experience

New and enhanced user interface (UI) experience
With the support of new fields for PC/CC, UI experience has improved significantly. Now the user is no longer required to first create customer requirement (CR) and utilize the same later for data creation/changes as the upgraded MDG supports direct creation/change of data by an automatic prompt of configured CR type selection

Improved customer requirement process

Improved customer requirement process
Now the customer requirement (CR) process is driven by the rule-based dynamic workflow (BRF+) which is flexible enough to accommodate all CRs on approver determination, based on conditions

Higher data consistency

Higher data consistency
Replication of data via SOA enhances data consistency between the sender and the receiving system

Efficient vendor management

Efficient vendor management
Mass processing and consolidation helps process bulk vendors in a single upload

Improved data quality

Improved data quality
Data quality management (DQM) process is used to query data, further quality process. This functionality enhanced the quality of master data