Syngenta Aims to Make its SAP ERP as Reliable as Water from a Tap

Syngenta is a global, science-based agtech company that helps millions of farmers around the world grow safe and nutritious food, while taking care of the planet.

Syngenta made a strategic decision to adopt a cloud-first strategy and migrated over 50 business-critical SAP applications from high-cost traditional data centers to more reliable, future-proof, and scalable public cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

Christian Bayer, Global Head of ERP/SAP and Data and Analytics, Syngenta, discusses Syngenta’s cloud transformation journey with the aim of “making SAP ERP as reliable as water from a tap”. He also touches upon other significant benefits which include 28% cost savings.

Infosys worked closely with Syngenta in this complex transformation. Leveraging Infosys Cobalt and drawing from vast experience, Infosys also helped the program in anticipating and minimizing risks. Infosys along with Syngenta IT undertook exhaustive validations and testing, drastically reducing involvement and effort from business. .

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