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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Technological advances are imposing new demands on enterprises. As industries on-board technology solutions, there is a demand for disruptive innovations such as machine-to-machine, people-to-people and machine-to-people connectivity. However, such innovations require a high degree of precision in timing (nano-seconds), without which operational setbacks and machine failures may occur. Thus, synchronizing machines, people and networks is a key challenge.

Our Offering

With Infosys being one of the key partners in the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Infosys Consulting leverages thought leadership, change management and business technology offerings in this space. Bundled and delivered as ‘servicification’ of processes and technologies, our offering maps people into a role-based organization. This improves decision-making through visualized data that is synthesized from captured data. In industrial manufacturing, our offering enables new ‘as-a-service’ business models for mergers, acquisitions, operations improvements, enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the cloud, etc.

Our IIoT offering leverages the principles of AiKiDo to enable simplification, automation, user-centricity, and innovation in industrial manufacturing. It focuses on three aspects of digital operations – process, technology and people.

Process: We understand your business processes, track cost of operations and recommend transformation by:

(i) Orchestrating the processes using workflows
(ii) Enabling automation through sensor transactions

The entire process optimization is achieved through weighted scoring measures along with a matrix.

Technology: Infosys Information Platform (IIP) delivers IIoT as a pre-packaged solution with ‘as-a-service’ capabilities. Our technology drives integration, data-driven innovation and digital transformation by leveraging intelligent machines and connected networks to collect data, analyze information and execute actions in real-time. Further, SaaS and DevOps are supported by fast-evolving open source platforms that offer new solutions for quick results.

People: Our role-based approach focuses on delivering an improved user experience for customers, suppliers and employees across all business interactions. Rather than conduct a complete overhaul of the IT landscape, which is costly and risky, Infosys Consulting offers clients a way to reorganize their IT landscape at lower cost and risk. Besides separating the stable core platforms from the agile edge applications, our offering delivers visualization and integration by embracing the industry 4.0 framework at all organizational levels.

With our IIoT offering, clients can access strategy, analysis, transformation, and operations support through a single vendor along with:

  • Deep expertise in industrial manufacturing
  • Service depth along with implementation experience
  • Faster pace of innovation
  • Global footprint
  • Pricing philosophy
  • Ecosystem relationship and knowledge

Offering Owner

Gaurav Palta Gaurav Palta, Partner,

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