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Future of BI and SAP HANA

Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer looked upon as a means of just generating reports. It now holds much more of a strategic spot in the overall IT strategy of organizations. Based on how organizations have evolved, they will of course be at different levels of maturity in their BI journey. So, does that mean that all BI initiatives are successful today? Surprisingly, the answer is “No”.

A lot of it still depends on how organizations treat BI initiatives within their organization as well as how they go about with the implementation. While those that have been able to successfully implement their BI foundation are now trying to move toward the next level of maturity, “asks” today are mostly centered on additional capabilities.

In this paper, our experts discuss what the future of BI looks like and what the additional capabilities that organizations still seek are. Further, they talk about how SAP HANA helps address these needs. Our experts also provide a perspective on how SAP HANA could be leveraged by organizations beyond BI and advanced analytics use cases.

Maxim Sychevskiy Maxim Sychevskiy, Managing Consultant, Infosys Lodestone

Maxim Sychevskiy has over 15 years of IT experience, including over 10 years of business consulting experience in architecture design and delivery of enterprise-level information management solutions. He carries deep knowledge of enterprise architecture and IT service management frameworks, business processes management, and BI. He can be reached at

Rakhi Makad Rakhi Makad, Industry Principal – BI Consulting and Innovation Initiatives (Manufacturing), Infosys

Rakhi Makad heads innovation and consulting for information transformation in the Manufacturing vertical. She conceptualizes and executes initiatives, including in social, mobile, and Internet of things. She also leverages extensive BI experience in giving guidance across BI strategy and performance management. She can be reached at

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