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Predictive analytics – powered by SAP HANA

Predictive analytics technology enables business analysts and data scientists to extract, organize and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data. It helps them predict business outcomes through statistical modeling, data mining and advanced visualization.

SAP Predictive Analysis Tool provides powerful options through a combination of native algorithms, integration with HANA predictive library, and support for open source “R” language. SAP Predictive Analysis Tool can work in a standalone “in-process” mode or integrate with HANA as well as run complex and heavy algorithms “In-DB” on the HANA in-memory platform.

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Parag ShrungarkarParag Shrungarkar, Principal Technology Architect – Information Transformation, Manufacturing, Infosys

Parag Shrungarkar leads the Center of Excellence (CoE) for SAP HANA, Business Objects and Mobile BI at the Manufacturing vertical in Infosys. Parag is responsible for providing support in areas including thought leadership, consulting, architecture, IP development, and pre-sales. Conceptualizing and developing solutions using HANA, advanced visualizations, mobile BI and predictive analytics are some of the technology hotspots he focuses on. He can be reached at

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