Industry Offerings

Aerospace Product Design

Infosys' Aerospace Product Development practice leverages the Global Delivery Model to help aerospace companies achieve faster time-to-market. We offer best-of-breed solutions in aero-structures, aero-engines and systems for Aircraft Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers.



Infosys offers end-to-end software and hardware development services for avionics systems. Our solutions span specifications of requirements through design, implementation, testing, software integration, system integration, independent verification and validation and sustenance needs.


BPO Services - Manufacturing

The Manufacturing practice of Infosys BPO serves clients across High-Tech, Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace and Automotive, and Resources. Our process platform helps clients perform a wide range of functions, including OEMs, component manufacturing, distribution, VAR and R&D, through a distributed ecosystem.


Manufacturing Process and Plant Solutions

Infosys enables better utilization of production assets, more flexible manufacturing processes and better visibility within the plant and across distributed manufacturing sites to achieve business goals.


Product Engineering

Infosys' product engineering services include concept validation and feasibility analysis, product co-development, product testing, installed base management and customer support.

Product Lifecycle Management

Our Product Lifecycle Management services cover the entire value chain. Our offerings cover consulting, package implementation, custom application development and integration for enhancing product life and boosting growth.


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