Industry Offerings

Tier 1 suppliers

Finding right partners in an ever-changing economic scenario with assured supplies, quality, and design is always challenging. Tracking through constant industry changes, including acquisitions and mergers, results in splintering of orders through a variety of companies. Supply chain initiatives, including e-procurement and digitization of process, help in finding cost-effective and reliable sources for products.

Harnessing global capability

Soaring costs, changing market forces, evolving technology, and shifting air traffic have forced tier 1 suppliers to revisit their business strategies. Infosys enables the transition by establishing and supporting the IT infrastructure, and extending potential to leverage global capability and improve financial performance.

How Infosys delivers value

Infosys partners with leading tier 1 suppliers to help them reach new heights through innovative solutions, and efficient operations. Our immense experience in this ever-changing industry means we know what it takes to get to the top. Leveraging our global delivery model (GDM), we ensure a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO), reduced cycle times for product development, efficient business process management and faster turnaround time for aircraft-on-the-ground situations.

Unleashing the best of product innovation: : Infosys delivers design, development, and sustenance-related CAD, CAM and CAE services to build intricate parts and aero structures such as wing, fuselage, landing gear and interiors. We provide exclusive services such as software product development for publishing functions, technical architecting solutions for e-enabled airplanes, and knowledge labs.

Supply chain optimization: We help clients develop software reuse strategies and deployment plans along the value chain. Infosys also provides product support to airlines and designs chain integration based on customer requirements.

Cost-effective operations solutions: Infosys assists in application / product portfolio strategies and implementation roadmaps, business process outsourcing, product lifecycle management solutions, and lean development processes that align with globalization strategies, including supply chain solutions.

Accelerating non-linear growth: Infosys works with clients to further their expansion and growth by providing In-defense programs, India-Offset Programs, and International Purchasing Office-in-a-Box to name a few of the solutions. Thus, clients can concentrate on growth, and not operations.



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