Case Studies

Mobile Passenger Assistance System for a US airline

A US-based airline sought a mobile helpdesk solution for passenger assistance at the airports. Infosys developed a handheld PDA application that is wirelessly connected with the back-end legacy system.

The airline’s support staff can now serve passengers by providing real-time flight status and gate information, allocation of seats, checking-in passengers and their bags, printing and issuing boarding passes, accepting upgrade requests and providing other support functions.

Business need

Before the mobile helpdesk solution was implemented, a passenger had to go to the front desk to get information about connecting flights. There was no service provided other than at the airport front desk for standby or upgrade requests. During line-bursting, the services of the front desk agents could not be used effectively due to lack of infrastructure.

Infosys had to address several challenges while developing the application:

  • The user interface had to display a lot of information on a small screen to ensure on-ground serviceability
  • Realization of enterprise and design objectives without changing the legacy back-end database
  • Connectivity between the airline’s onsite and offshore locations


Infosys provided a mobile solution to extend the passenger assistance information to the PDA for better service and enhanced customer satisfaction. The application displays real-time flight status and gate information, and provides services such as printing boarding passes, checking-in passengers and bags, and collecting excess bag fee. The application extends passenger assistance to any location at the airport.


Our solution realized several benefits:

  • Faster and effective services ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity by reducing the workload of the front desk
  • Customers can avail of these services from any of the agents instead of waiting in a queue
  • User-friendly, real-time and cost-effective application based on Infosys’ Global Delivery Model
  • System architecture based on a distributed model that provides flexibility for future upgradation
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