Case Studies

Real-time resource management tool for US airline’s ramp operations

The ramp operations group of a US-based airline sought a web-based work assignment tool to implement a consistent process of generating assignments for planeside and bag transfer operations.

Infosys developed an application that gathers real-time flight information and resource information from other applications, applies business logic and provides a web-based planning interface for resource planners on a day-to-day basis.

Infosys used the latest J2EE technologies to provide a high-performance and real-time environment for ramp operations resource planning.

Business need

The application had to bridge the gap between manual planning systems and real-time operating environment by providing timely and accurate information from disjointed systems. It had to assist the ramp supervisor in resource and cost optimization. In addition, the application had to provide the airline management with visibility into day-to-day airport operations to effectively manage their unit cost / profit and loss at a granular level.

The role of Infosys

Infosys developed a robust web-based application using J2EE architecture for real-time resource management of ramp operations. Our application provides the ramp supervisor with information on flight schedules, passenger and cargo data, and resource availability. It helps managers take informed decisions about resource utilization and optimization. In addition, our application updates the resources about their assignments and creates real-time and historic reports for management.


Infosys designed a scalable application to support several users and transactions without impacting performance. We conducted regular knowledge sessions to help the airline staff effectively use the application.


Our application realized several benefits:

  • Realized opportunities to optimize resources
  • Reduced human intervention
  • Increased manpower utilization by increasing ‘on the job availability’
  • Developed a scalable application that could be deployed at various locations and was flexible enough to be used for similar areas of operation
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