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In-flight retailing – then, now, and beyond

An innovative vision is the need of the hour if airlines depend on in-flight sales and retailing to power revenue. This article explains how this concept can be overhauled with a little bit of sprucing.

In the current scenario, where airline companies are struggling to maintain revenue margins, the option of in-flight retailing can be looked at as a potential area to introduce innovative services.

Even though some airlines have been actively involved in in-flight retailing, a lot more thought and innovation is required in eliciting an enthusiastic response from the passengers.

Careful research needs to be done on the products provided – not only in terms of pricing but also with regard to people’s buying behaviour. The company should focus on engaging the passengers in the best possible manner. This would mean not just engaging them when they are idle, but selling them merchandise attractively. Digital displays and sharing information on electronic gadgets are some areas that can be easily leveraged by the airlines.

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Abhishek Singh Abhishek Singh, Product Manager, Energy, Utilities, Communications and Services, Infosys

Abhishek Singh is responsible for conceptualizing, managing, and implementing product strategies for travel and hospitality industries at Infosys. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in computer engineering. He can be reached at

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