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The Infosys approach to Solvency II compliance

The European Union will introduce Solvency II regulations to ensure the stability of financial markets and safeguard the interests of policyholders. Experts from Infosys presented a roadmap for Solvency II regulations compliance at the joint colloquium of the IACA, PBSS, and IAAHS sections of the International Actuarial Association (IAA), Boston, USA.

Nandha Kumar Muthusrinivasan made a presentation on 'Journey of solvency regulations – 2007 and beyond.' He highlighted the need to address the gaps between complex models and IT needs, fulfill historical data requirements, and mitigate risk.

In addition, Nandha Kumar Muthusrinivasan and S.R. Warrior presented a white paper on 'Journey of insurer solvency regulations – 2007 and beyond.' The white paper addresses the challenges of different models and data management, reconciliation between IFRS Phase II and Solvency II, risk management, and diversification.

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