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Can wearable tech improve health and patient-doctor experience? – Listen to the VoiceAmerica Radio show

At the VoiceAmerica Radio talk show – ‘The future of the future with Game-Changers Radio, presented by SAP - participants discussed ‘Connected care: Can wearable tech improve your health?’

Participants who shared their varied experiences and commented on the topic are:

  • Manish Tandon, Executive Vice President and Head, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, and High-Tech, Infosys
  • Krishna Kumar, Founder, and CEO of AppOrchid
  • Puneet Suppal, SAP

Some of the questions discussed on this radio episode:

  • Can wearables deliver on their promises?
  • Do patients want to be observed 24 / 7?
  • Can this technology improve patient-doctor experiences?
  • Is more data always better data?

Speaking on the VoiceAmerica Radio talk show, Manish Tandon said – ‘the future of data in the medical industry is that we are going to move from electronic health records (EHR) to personal health records and the emphasis will be on an individual's health data which will be shared selectively with people who can provide value to the individual. It is not just about data, but also the connectivity needed to get this data, and in the next five years, we will see the evolution of personal health records’.

Moreover, Manish predicts that the future is going to be about the increasing acceptability of personal health records. He also foresees that wearables are going to introduce more regulations. These devices are going to proliferate in several different form factors and shapes - some will be ingested, some may be worn, but wearables are here to stay and evolve rapidly.

Learn more about how wearable tech can improve health - listen to the full talk show

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