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Agency Management

Business enhancement through improved agent efficiency and superior customer service

A leading insurance and retirement services company in the US turned to Infosys to deploy a new age customer servicing platform. Our call center solution, based on business process management (BPM), provided a holistic view of customers across products in a single servicing ...

Business process re-engineering for the commissions process

A leading Australian financial services company had to pay accurate and timely commissions to stay competitive. Infosys implemented a group commission solution to eliminate overpayments and commission leakage.

Claims management

Claims enhancement improves productivity; reduces processing time by 20 percent

Infosys experts worked with a Fortune 500, US life insurance company to improve the processing of life and annuities claims. We helped design a claims platform that enabled effective case management and intelligent task creation. This ...

Enhancing claims processing with improved quality and reduced cycle times

A leading insurance company wanted to enhance the effectiveness of its disability income benefits department. Infosys leveraged its proprietary business enhancement methodology to improve business performance and customer service.

Client servicing

Enabling a 360° customer view increases servicing efficiency

Infosys worked closely with a Fortune 500, US life insurance company to create and deploy a customer-centric business enhancement program. A key result: The client organization was able to get a holistic view of customers. ...

Flexible and agile service delivery platform elevates customer experience

McCamish Systems (now an Infosys BPO subsidiary) looked to Infosys experts to develop and implement a scalable, best-of-breed Business Process Management (BPM) platform. This enabled the client to process change requests for multiple clients using a single instance of the software and common process components. The...

Self-service platform for faster time to market and enhanced customer satisfaction

Infosys helped a leader in global insurance and reinsurance brokerage design and develop a web-integrated, product-agnostic platform. This helped standardize self-service implementation across ...

Straight-through processing enhances productivity and improves policy servicing levels

Read this blow-by-blow account of how a Fortune 500, US life insurance company worked with Infosys to realize their vision of complete customer-centricity with electronic services. Infosys enabled straight-through processing (STP) for policy servicing by developing a comprehensive ...

Enterprise functions

Data masking solution lowers risk and reduces costs for a leading global insurer

For a multinational life insurance company, Infosys unveiled a complex data masking program, covering sensitive data in non-production environments. Infosys implemented the data masking solution across 360 applications and a 160 million-strong customer base. This...

Reduced total cost of ownership and increased scalability with a new accounting solution

A global provider of specialty insurance and reinsurance implemented a new financial accounting solution with Infosys. The new solution aimed at supporting growing business volumes and handling the client’s expansion across new business lines and markets. It...

Windows 7 migration ensures a streamlined global IT landscape

Infosys delivered a solution for a European leader in specialist risk insurance with global operations. The solution provided a standardized global operating ...

Reducing costs of IT maintenance

A leading reinsurance company wanted to consolidate and rationalize its IT investments. Infosys developed a 3x3 grid to identify applications that would benefit from offshoring.

New Business Acquisition

Mortgage insurance origination platform improves customer satisfaction, increases efficiency

Design and implement a state-of-the-art mortgage insurance (MI) origination platform — that was the business situation a leading US mortgage insurance provider faced. After carefully considering several options, the client turned to Infosys. Infosys ...

Streamlined operations through new business process enhancement

Get the full story of how Infosys partnered with a Fortune 500, US life insurer to enable its new business vision with straight-through processing. Infosys deployed the New Business Process Excellence (NBPE) solution to help redefine the client's existing business ...

Strategic plan to modernize new business processing for a life insurer

A leading insurance company sought to modernize its new business processing. Infosys leveraged its business enhancement methodology to reduce costs and time of new business processing.

Improving business efficiency for a Canadian title insurer

Canada's leading provider of title insurance wanted to be more client-focused in marketing new products. However, due to the volume of business and the manual workflow system, the client's insurance transaction processing was inefficient and incurred operational overheads. Infosys...

Policy administration

Policy management system for a global retail insurance brokerage and risk manager

A global retail insurance brokerage and risk management services company required an end-to-end policy management system. Infosys delivered a multiuser, multi-location, highly scalable system.

Regulatory compliance

Solvency II compliance improves risk management; reduces total cost of ownership

Infosys partnered with a European leader in specialist risk insurance with global operations to roll out a comprehensive Solvency II solution. The solution ensured 100 percent compliance with the European Union’s S2 directive. The...

Testing & Quality Assurance

Improved efficiency and significant cost savings through a flexible managed services model

A leading global insurer needed a way to address its range of testing requirements. The company considered setting up a global testing center of excellence and Infosys was assigned this responsibility. ...

Automating testing for a leading insurance company in Europe and the United States

The client, a major global financial services provider, was finding it difficult to ensure adequate test coverage for critical applications. The applications and regression test bed were large but the test cycle window was ...

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