Our suite of offerings is designed to equip leading insurers with inventive models in business enhancement and best-in-class customer experience. We co-create cutting-edge products and solutions that align to market needs and expectations. To meet the needs of digital consumers, we will help you evolve your business and operating model to remain competitive and relevant.


Digital strategy and roadmap

We help clients build a strategic roadmap that delivers a competitive edge and tracks value realization. This is done keeping business vision and technology solution definition in mind.

Digital customer experience

Today’s multichannel consumers demand better experiences. While ‘digitally mature’ companies enjoy superb business performance, the rest that fail to adopt digital technology face several challenges in serving customers’ expectations. Our portfolio of solutions can help you tackle these challenges and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

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Digital process integration services

The business environment today is marked by constant change, intense competition, and complex challenges. Our suite of digital process integration services are tailored to enable you to effectively transition into a digitalized organization.

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Digital enterprise services

The insurance agency relationship management solution provides considerable benefits to producers, carriers, and customers. Producers (agencies, agents) benefit from the range of features that the solution offers as it helps them achieve their goals in a very organized and timely manner. It also helps carriers grow revenues by improving the agent’s productivity and customer wins with enhanced self-service capabilities.

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Infosys mobility offerings for insurers include business value articulation, landscape analysis, infrastructure-readiness assessment, roadmap design, product evaluation and vendor analysis, mobile apps and POC development.

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Big data

Infosys Big Data can help insurers in fraud detection, risk management and insurance data models, and also helps in empowering the technology and business teams to develop industry-specific insights and act on them very quickly.

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Business application services

Infosys leverages expertise in business application technologies to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness, and enable agility and flexibility for insurers by providing end-to-end offerings.

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