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Digital Insurer 2:0: Leveraging digital innovation for the insurance industry

The insurance industry is in a state of flux. It is undergoing a transformation with strong undercurrents powered by digital innovation. This is the era of the digital insurer. The digital insurer has the ability to use new methodology, create revolutionary business models, develop and deploy new products and services, simplify processes, ensure better performance, and cost efficiency. Adapting to the changing landscape of insurance and integrating the latest technology is the key to gain an edge and stay ahead in the competition.


Infosys Customer Communication Management (COE) overview

Organizations feel the need for a comprehensive approach towards standardization of their customer communication management (CCM) / IT infrastructure to be relevant in the industry. Infosys has a robust insurance business unit with highly specialized work force diversified across multiple business and technical functions in the insurance landscape. The unit specializes in providing high-end techno-functional consulting services on some of the latest commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and platforms on CCM. Infosys offers an established CCM center of excellence across a range of products such as HP Exstream, Thunderhead, Oracle Documaker, etc.


Leverage agency relationship management solution to enhance agent productivity

The insurance agency relationship management solution provides considerable benefits to producers, carriers, and customers. Producers (agencies, agents) benefit from the range of features that the solution offers as it helps them achieve their goals in a very organized and timely manner. It also helps carriers grow revenues by improving the agent’s productivity and customer wins with enhanced self-service capabilities.


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