Find your path to non-disruptive mainframe modernization

Are you stumped by the challenge of a full-scale migration of your mainframe systems to generate significant value in today’s competitive business landscape? Infosys has the solution – a non-disruptive path toward mainframe modernization.

Infosys follows an approach to Mainframe Modernization that leverages the principles of its Aikido service offerings:

  • Ki - curates mainframe knowledge for non-disruptive renewal
    Capturing the knowledge and knowhow of long-lived mainframe and other legacy systems to simultaneously renew and accelerate them and enable entirely new experiences – non-disruptively
  • Ai - brings in open intelligence platforms and tools
    Delivering open, intelligent platforms that bring transformation – new kinds of applications, new software tools, unprecedented levels of data processing, cost performance and more
  • - helps identify business opportunities that are feasible and viable
    Design-led services in which we bring a Design Thinking approach to mainframe modernization, starting with a deep understanding of business and IT objectives to find the most critical problems to solve – and the biggest opportunities ahead


Does asset migration and rewriting complex and stable programs sound expensive and risky? With Infosys, you can confidently optimize your mainframe or even re-host it on cloud to accelerate performance and save more.

Infosys helps you:

  • Simplify your landscape by consolidating and standardizing mainframe programs, decommission unused jobs, reports and archive data
  • Optimize current operations by lowering million instructions per second (MIPS) and reducing the batch window period
  • Re-host your system with minimal changes and get all the benefits of private or public cloud


Create new user experiences and application scenarios while reducing development cycles through best-in-class tools that encapsulate precise and well-documented application programming interfaces (APIs), externalize rules, upgrade technologies, and offer extreme modularization.

Infosys helps you:

  • Externalize business rules and logic from code thereby improving time to market
  • Revitalize existing mainframe applications by making them modular and de-coupled
  • Provision existing business logic and data on mainframe as API’s
  • Technology re-platform on Mainframe
  • Implement DevOps and Test Automation
  • Deliver new user experience using mainframe assets
  • Enable New Business capabilities


Find the best-fit solution for your IT landscape. We help you achieve lower cost along with higher maintainability and flexibility for program run-time by rewriting and redeploying existing mainframes on modern architecture or replacing it with a packaged or platform solution.

Infosys enables you to:

  • Deploy a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) package or platform for new business capabilities
  • Re-engineer your system for differentiated capabilities
  • Move to next-gen architecture by leveraging cloud, mobile, open source, web scale, DevOps, CICD

Why Infosys

  • Knowledge-based approach: Infosys follows a knowledge (Ki) based approach to mainframe modernization that focuses on understanding key mainframe processes, business functionality and their business value. This knowledge is curated & managed on an ongoing basis
  • Holistic view of business and technology: Moving beyond the typical bottom-up or top-down approach, Infosys adopts a ‘meet in the middle’ approach to understand clients’ IT landscape. Merging this understanding with industry-specific business processes and models, we develop a balanced view of your business/technology
  • People+Software: Infosys drives the modernization journey using a People+Software approach utilizing the best of expert knowledge gained from experience coupled with tools reducing 30% effort savings through automation across lifecycle
  • Futuristic and structured implementation: During mainframe modernization, we focus on targeting next-generation architecture and not only on the current implementation. By leveraging a set of foundational architecture capabilities, we accelerate the journey from legacy to target architecture in a structured way.
  • Intelligent pricing models: Infosys has developed an innovative self - funding model that allows you to ‘transform as you perform’

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