Why a Cloud-First Process Integration Works Best for Cloud Apps

Over the last year, the pandemic has accelerated digital and cloud adoption, as spending on digital technologies continues to grow across enterprises cloud becoming mainstream.

This article explores how organizations are adopting cloud apps to accelerate the digital transformation of their processes and deliver superior experiences. However, the adoption of cloud apps has also added considerable complexity to process integration since it presents several challenges like:

  • Multiple Platforms in Anything as a Service (XaaS) economy
  • Need for Customization
  • Disparate Data
  • Secure Access

To cater to the wide variety of requirements of enterprises, there needs to be a cloud-first integration and automation approach that is equipped to handle the level of complexity that integration of cloud apps presents. With the adoption of cloud apps growing, evolving the process integration process to reflect the new reality and challenges remains to be vital aspect to be tackled.

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