Infosys in partnership with Google Cloud designs and develops cloud transformation and migration services for enterprises across industries. Infosys offers solutions and services on Google Cloud, creating a scalable, on-demand cloud model that will help enterprises navigate digital transformation and adopt a cloud-first strategy.

Together, Infosys has built artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven industry-specific solutions on Google Cloud that are foundational to digitizing the data supply chain, such as Analytics Workbench, which augments data platforms to deliver end-to-end self-service capabilities, Information Grid, which provides a data pipeline for seamless movement of data to Google Cloud, and Customer Genome, a holistic offering that helps enterprises build a self-service driven and entity-centric foundation for explorative, predictive and prescriptive analytics.


How we can help

Our offering helps organizations accelerate their digital journeys and lead them towards sustainable growth.

How can I manage my enterprise data?

Consulting services

Our consultants help you develop the cloud strategy, define a business transformation road map, and implement cloud management solutions.

How do I guarantee data assurance?


Our suite of technology offerings enables you to build a secure enterprise cloud ecosystem with robust disaster recovery plans.

How do I protect my enterprise from cyber-attacks?


Our architecture patterns and migration approaches enable seamless migration of mainframe and monolithic ERP systems to Google Cloud.

Our Offerings

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