Why a Cloud-First Process Integration Works Best for Cloud Apps

We’re seeing a paradigm shift in supply chain operations with digital transformation across industries. The article delves into how cloud applications help decoupling large complex processes of supply chain and connects them across the traditional boundaries of individual enterprises thus revolutionizing supply chain management.

Some of the key impacts of cloud applications in supply chain management explored:

  • Demand Planning
  • Online vs instore omnichannel demand fulfillment
  • Visibility and traceability of inventory
  • Supplier risk strategies
  • Logistics networks and planning
  • Multi-device support to help with seamless exchange of data
  • Sustainability

With the Industry 4.0 era, cloud apps will enable machines to send out data in real-time and have systems that can crunch that data and derive actionable insights. From an organization’s perspective, these advantages may help its supply chain tide over any future disruptions with ease.

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