What is AWS re:Invent?

AWS re:Invent is an AWS-hosted learning conference for the cloud computing community worldwide. The big event offers keynote statements, opportunities for training and certification, access to more than 1,500 technical workshops, the Expo, after-hours parties, and more. AWS re:Invent 2022 is slotted to take place between Monday, November 28, and Friday, December 2 in Las Vegas.

Say Hello to iCETS @ Booth no. 135

The Infosys Lounge
The Infosys Lounge

Get to Know: Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS)

The incubation center of Infosys called ‘Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions’ (iCETS) focuses on the incubation of NextGen services and offerings by identifying and building technology capabilities to accelerate innovation. The current areas of incubation include AI & ML, Blockchain, Computer Vision, Conversational interfaces, AR-VR, Deep Learning, Advanced analytics using video, speech, text, and much more.

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Get to Know: Infosys Metaverse Experience

Infosys Metaverse Foundry converges the power of domain and design expertise, platforms, and digital accelerators, with strong relationships in a rich creator-partner economy. Enterprises can harness this confluence of capabilities as services on-tap, with the flexibility to ramp up and down their explorations at will. Experience how Infosys Cobalt and AWS help enterprises deliver tangible business outcomes by accelerating their cloud-powered transformation through innovative industry cloud solutions.

The Infosys Lounge
The Infosys Lounge

Get to Know: Infosys Innovation Network (IIN)

The Infosys Innovation Network (IIN) is a well-orchestrated partnership between select startups and Infosys to provide innovative services to our clients. The IIN program aims to create lighthouse wins for clients to experiment and implement art-of-the-possible. Infosys de-risks client adoption of technology products & solutions by carefully curating these startups, finding the right fit, and implementing early pilots.

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The long-standing partnership between AWS and iCETS has been leveraged for:

Scaled GTM
Pursuing Large Deals
Solution Scaling
Curating Startups
System Integrator
Partnering in Emerging Technology
Infosys Platform Integration
Multiple Platform & Service Offerings
Meet our IIN Partners at the Event

Cohesity - Infosys & Cohesity help eliminate mass data fragmentation by consolidating data silos onto a single, easy-to-manage software-defined platform that can host enterprise-class services including backup and recovery, file shares, object stores, DR, dev/test provisioning, and analytics.

Katalon – Katalon is an AI software quality platform that lets teams test web, mobile, desktop apps and APIs to deliver winning digital products and experiences. After launching in 2016 with a test automation product that was an easier alternative than the legacy tools available, Katalon quickly grew a passionate base of users. Since then, Katalon has continued investing in the software quality community with additional products, learning content, and a worldwide partner network.

LogicMonitor - LogicMonitor is a cloud-based and fully automated infrastructure monitoring platform based in Santa Barbara, California. LogicMonitor allows users to customize and automate alert thresholds, escalation chains, workflows, and more.

Namogoo - Namogoo is a digital journey continuation platform, it has different service offerings which enhance a customer’s digital journey. One such service is Customer Journey Hijacking Prevention. Customer Journey Hijacking is when a browser extension or an app injects unauthorized ads which interrupt the customer journey planned by a website.

LambdaTest - LambdaTest is a continuous quality testing cloud platform that helps developers and testers ship code faster. Over 1 million testers/developers, 100 M+ tests executed, and 10000+ customers across 130 countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs. LambdaTest's platform provides secure, scalable, and intelligent test orchestration and execution infrastructure.

Corent – Corent is an organization that works towards accelerating the entire Cloud Journey. Corent's platform automates some of the most complex, time and labor-consuming cloud migration, modernization and management tasks.

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