The Infosys DigiTran solution, created by Infosys Centre of Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS) in partnership with Infosys Business Process Management, applies advanced techniques like Knowledge Management, Simulation, AI & Cognitive Services and Automation to address the challenges of inefficiencies in business process outsourcing and inconsistencies in customer experiences.

How Infosys delivers value to its customers in the area of Digital Transformation


The Infosys DigiTran solution consists of 3 key components as mentioned below:

  • Process Digitization Service - Focuses on digitization of standard operating procedures and enables consultants to bootstrap for client pursuits by leveraging predefined Gold / Client process templates.
  • Process Harmonization Service - Focuses on optimizing the process and providing world class solutions to customers by leveraging Infosys Experience and Best-In-Class Gold Processes Digital repository.
  • Process Automation Service - Focuses on downstream pluggable automation for the digitized process in the DigiTran Central Repository, thereby helping the team eliminate applicable manual process steps and helping customers focus more on business optimization & faster time-to-market.

Challenges & Solutions

Unavailability of Client SME post transition, process knowledge is crucial information to the running of a business. DigiTran Effective Centralized knowledge management services help de-risk this challenge by having the digitized SOPs, Video SOPs & app simulators centrally.

Due to unavailability of latest business process & standard operating procedures, when a person leaves the organization and/or his replacement unaware of new changes, they fail to follow current processes correctly. DigiTran centralized process with version control helps improve the quality of service.

Due to a lack of visibility of overall processes and high attrition, we often fail to meet SLAs. DigiTran Process Harmonization & Automation helps in standardizing the customer processes across geographies, and helps in adopting structured automation for repetitive manual tasks.