Surveillance, inspections and certifications are a routine yet critical activity in many industries. These activities are effort intensive and have largely been human centric requiring significant skills and experience. In many cases, these activities are performed in remote locations, risky terrain and hostile weather conditions. Technology solutions are increasingly being sought to improve frequency and coverage while reducing the associated risk and effort.

How Infosys delivers value to its customers in the area of Adaptive Solutions


Today’s client requirements, over and above traditional automation needs, are increasingly looking for technology elements such as UAVs/Robotic Vehicles, Computer Vision, Video processing and Edge Computing to make the current processes faster, safer & cost effective to achieve part of what human do today. An ‘Adaptive Systems’ approach would be essential to cater to such requirements wherein multiple agents need to be orchestrated and need to adapt in real-time to real-world conditions.

The Inspection Management System periodically deploys multiple Drones/UAVs. HD imagery from the drones is processed on-board and streamed to the Inspection Management System. On-board Intelligence on the drones (edge computing) is used for adhering to FAA regulations, precise positioning, scanning and deep re-scanning – especially where anomalies are found – in order to arrive at the most suitable images. Exception management and maintenance workflows – human-centric or autonomous – are invoked with minimal human intervention.


Challenges & Solutions

Adaptive Systems leverage an edge computing paradigm for on-board processing of data collected to arrive at insights and respond in real-time.

Adaptive Systems leverage computer vision to enhance the quality of data collated and help realize possibilities for accurate decision making.

Adaptive Systems leverage the concept of sensor fusion to amalgamate data from multiple sources including sensors, images, video content etc. to arrive at more accurate real time insights.