Infosys is a Leader in NelsonHall NEAT Assessment for Salesforce Services

Infosys is a Leader in NelsonHall NEAT Assessment for Salesforce Services

NelsonHall recently published its NEAT (NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment 2024) for Salesforce Services. This assessment analyzes the performance of vendors offering Salesforce services.

Recognizing Infosys as a ‘Leader’ in the overall market segment, Infosys scored highly on both axes – ability to deliver immediate benefit and to meet future client requirements.

The NEAT report recognizes the core strengths of Infosys such as:

  • Comprehensive offering ranging from core products (Sales and Service Cloud) to Marketing, Community, and Commerce Cloud and consulting services and specialized services such as Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Industries, Einstein, Field Service, Data Cloud/Genie, and CloudSense (Commerce subscriber management).
  • Expanding consulting capabilities, to be positioned early in the decision lifecycle, and drive follow-up implementation and post-implementation services. The acquisitions of Fluido and Simplus have enhanced consulting capabilities.
  • Rich partnership ecosystem with AppExchange partners such as ServiceMax, IQVIA, Veeva, and ncino (mortgage origination).
  • Gained a quote-to-cash specialization in contract management with partnerships with Conga and DocuSign.
  • NelsonHall recognizes Infosys as a Leader in our comprehensive offerings such as Experience, Marketing, Commerce Clouds, and specialized services such as Field Service, Revenue Cloud, MuleSoft and Vlocity.
Infosys is a Leader in NelsonHall NEAT Assessment for Salesforce Services

Other notable mentions in the report include:

  • Experience Cloud: Infosys has expanded its offerings beyond pure expertise and created several solutions in manufacturing around automotive dealers. Infosys has also focused on integrating knowledge management tools, including access to storage for heavy video files. Infosys has built solutions targeting several areas like the labor force, field service agents, contact centers, channel partners, social media, and automotive & transportation companies.
  • Marketing Cloud: Infosys has a comprehensive offering and specialized capabilities, such as campaign-as-a-service, classic email builder to Lightning email builder migration, and subscription centers. It has three tools: Customer Advocacy, a telecom-specific offering, and an education industry bolt-on.
  • Commerce Cloud: Infosys has a comprehensive portfolio, including capabilities around the three primary Commerce Cloud products. The company has developed its IP around integration and specialized features complementing Salesforce's core applications.
  • Field Service: Unlike most competitors, Infosys has scale in field service, due to its background in Clicksoft. Infosys has experience in four core components (asset management, scheduling and dispatch, mobile enablement, and communications). It has structured its services around data migration, scheduling logic comparison, feature comparison, and customization migration. It also has specialized offerings, including a Clicksoft V8 migration to Field Service and the Smart Field Manager solution.
  • Revenue Cloud: Infosys has a background in an ISV (SteelBrick) which Salesforce acquired and became the initial basis for the Revenue product. The company pushes its consulting capabilities and integration with other applications, including ERPs/general ledgers, and migration from other CPQs to Salesforce CPQ. It has accelerators for revenue operations, CPQ implementations, and solutions for the manufacturing and high-tech sectors.
  • MuleSoft: Infosys has positioned its MuleSoft capabilities as part of its integration practice, which provides strategy & architecture services, IBM and TIBCO migration to MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform, and MuleSoft automation methodology. It also has MuleSoft-specific offerings such as C4E, a project management methodology, and an API library aligned by sub-vertical.
  • Vlocity: Infosys has one of the most comprehensive offerings and largest scale. It has specialized offerings and accelerators around telecom, insurance, health, and utility sectors covering CPQ, order management, digital commerce, integration, and migration.

Dominique Raviart, NelsonHall’s IT Services Practice Director, states - “Infosys’ leadership position comes from its ability to anticipate future client needs for Salesforce services while delivering immediate benefits. Their strategy focuses on building industry-specific solutions and templates to shorten implementation time. Partnering with Salesforce to create micro-vertical solutions for specific industries like automotive, telecom, and healthcare is a key priority for Infosys.”

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*This NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) analyzes the performance of vendors offering Salesforce services. The NEAT tool allows strategic sourcing managers to assess the capability of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations and identify the best performing vendors overall, and with specific capability in Experience Cloud Services, Field Services, Commerce Cloud Services, Marketing Cloud Services, Revenue Cloud Services, MuleSoft Services, and Vlocity Services. Vendors evaluated for this NEAT are Accenture, Apexon, Capgemini, CGI, Coforge, Cognizant, Deloitte Consulting, EPAM Systems, Grazitti Interactive, IBM, Infosys, LTIMindtree, Mastek, NTT DATA, TCS, Tech Mahindra, and Wipro.