New Age Infrastructure: Why Tethered Clouds Work

Exciting high tech consumer devices and services are built on the bedrock of infrastructure that can service emerging business paradigms. Such infrastructure is needed to power the digital transformation telcos and power sector companies are witnessing. Both sectors, require advanced, robust, resilient infrastructure to support the new sustainable, digital lifestyle. Plus, the two sectors are interconnected. Edge computing has become a popular option for these industries, providing a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to traditional on-premises infrastructure. Digital transformation journeys are only possible with use of tethered clouds. In essence, the cloud cannot float free and still support the low latency and high responsiveness that are the hallmarks of new generation infrastructure networks. Instead, it needs to remain tethered to earth-based data hubs that place data storage and computing resources near end users. The pillars of this cloud-and-hub architecture will be a collaborative cloud building strategy and industry cloud platforms. Together they can finally set free the potential of new infrastructure pipes and deliver on the wildest of customer dreams. Read the paper to find out more!

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